The Most Effective Email Subject Line

How important is having an effective email subject line? It’s VERY important!

Believe it or not, over 80% of your mailing list subscribers never read past your subject line.


Because the subject line didn’t compel them to open your email and read further.

And if they’re not opening your email, they’re not seeing your offers. And if they’re not seeing your offers, they’re not buying.

Writing ineffective email subject lines is costing you money! It’s just that simple.

So… what is the most effective email subject line?

After testing many formulas, we’ve found the most efficient email subject lines lay out the primary reason they should open the email. This is done by explaining EXACTLY what they’re going to learn when they do so.

This formula becomes even more effective when you add the way they’re going to achieve this thing, as well as the time-frame they’ll achieve it in.

With that being said, here’s the Efficient Profits’ Effective Email Subject Line Formula:

“How To (main benefit) in (time-frame) with (product/service)!”

Some examples:

“How To Generate Another $100K In Commissions With Niche Websites!”


“How To House Train Your Dog In Seven Days With Our Perfect Pet System!”

So, next time you’re writing an e-mail, give this formula a shot. Then, pay attention to your open rates compared to your past emails. You’ll probably see an increase. And if you do, let us know in the Comments section below!