The Importance of the One-Time Offer

One of the easiest, and most overlooked, ways of generating passive revenue in your business is adding a simple One-Time Offer (or OTO) to your funnel.

The OTO is a no-brainer offer placed in front of a new mailing list subscriber the moment they confirm their subscription.

I say no-brainer because the price is very low ($7-$17), and the value is very high.

A good OTO can convert at 30% or higher!

Imagine if you were able to generate 30 orders for every 100 new mailing list subscribers! Even at $7, you’re going to add thousands of dollars in passive revenue to your bottom line every year.

In addition to generating additional revenue, the OTO does several things:

  1. It establishes your authority and expertise
  2. It quickly turns a prospect into a customer
  3. It makes that person more likely to buy in the future

#3 is perhaps the most important. Studies have shown a significant percentage of your new subscribers are more likely to purhcase something from you in the first 24 hours after signing up for your mailing list than any other time. That means, if you’re not converting them to customers in

that window, you’re probably never going to convert them.

The One-Time Offer is an integral part of the Efficient Profits system, and one of the most dependable revenue generators you can have in your business. If you don’t have an OTO in YOUR funnel yet, what are you waiting for?