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John & Troy are expert business strategists who can transform and revive a sluggish business or help you get started on the right foot with a new business.

Group Coaching

As a business coaches John & Troy can help you reach your goals through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.


Consistently a Top Rated Speakers in their niches, John & Troy are in demand because of their candidness, passion and truly inspiring real life experiences.


As a well-known and respected member of their niches and internet marketing industry, John & Troy both bring their expertise to dozens of eBooks and training products.


John & Troy continually educate and entertain their audiences with top rated podcasts.

Efficient Profits Analysis

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Reach Higher Levels of Success and Breakthrough Barriers with John & Troy

Troy and Johns candidness can transform you in just one session. The strategy session is not only for you to define what you'd like to achieve in your business, but also to help him determine if you are someone worthy of helping. You see, Troy and John only want to work with someone who has passion and fire to reach their goals, someone who will do anything to get to the next level. Are you ready and willing?

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Troy Broussard

International Business Growth Specialist

Troy has been in technology in some capacity since the early 90’s, first as a software developer and later as Executive Director of Technology at Encyclopedia Britannica. Shortly after losing his entire life savings and retirement during the real estate bubble of 2008, Troy found himself in a one bedroom apartment in Brazil with only a bed and a computer. Essentially, life gave him a do over.

With his computer in tow and his drive to rebuild his life and not make the same mistakes he had made in the past, he started posting ads on Craigslist as a content specialist. Within a short time his efforts led him to launch his own SEO and Content Services company - - with then business partner Mike Pereira in 2010.

Within 22 months grew to a 7-figure business with more than 110 team members in four countries servicing hundreds of clients, all generated from a small list of 2,719 people. Although, Troy has created dozens of eBooks, informational products and hundreds of hours of training programs and membership sites in Internet Marketing niches, all delivered with exceptional value and customer support; his passion is in candidly teaching and coaching entrepreneurs to create long term effective marketing and business strategies.

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John Sanpietro

Business Coach and Passive Income Generation Expert

John Sanpietro is a no-nonsense, results-oriented Coaching and Consulting Expert to entrepreneurs and business owners. He specializes in Online and Offline Systems-Building, Social Media marketing and advertising and Niche Product Creation.

John is also a Facebook marketing whiz and runs all of our niche Facebook marketing funnels as well as our client Facebook campaigns. John loves to play with our own niche funnels to keep his skills honed and for the love the game!

    Good Partners…

    …Better Friends

    Facebook Expert


    Infusionsoft Guru

    Why Work With Us

    Troy has helped me transform my career and business, I was able to replace my income from my job and now I'm taking it to the next level with his guidace.

    Lisa Cintron

    John has helped thousands of business owners worldwide reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

    Bill Walsh, America's Business Expert


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